Driving through historic Baltimore, Md., is both refreshing and educational. Take the time to stop by and view the amazing sites you’ll find, like the stunningly brilliant lighthouses. You’ll find several located just a few hours away from each other, making it possible for you to discover an array of breathtaking sights all in one day. To get you started on your journey, here are a few lighthouses you’ll have to check out, completing an adventure filled with memories that’ll last a lifetime.

1. Sandy Point Shoals


Sandy Point Shoals

Image via Flickr by Matt Tillett

Found on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Point Shoals is a breathtakingly beautiful lighthouse built in 1883. It replaced another light facility that once stood in what is now the state park. You can see the Sandy Point Shoals as you take a walk through the state park. While it can be seen from the main road, the lighthouse itself isn’t open to the public. Don’t let that deter you from taking stunning photos and even riding a boat out to get a closer look.

2. Cove Point Lighthouse


Cove Point Lighthouse

Image via Flickr by Matt Tillett

Iconic in lighthouse looks, this enormous historic landmark has been well maintained and preserved for years. The Cove Point was manned until 1986. You’ll find it in Calvert County, Md. Although it’s a private community and remains closed most of the time, you can visit it during summertime afternoons. The lighthouse itself is still active today, and only the base of the structure is open to the public. Feel free to drive by and take pictures, or explore the grounds during times of operation.

3. Turkey Point Lighthouse

Turkey Point Lighthouse

Image via Flickr by Randy Pertiet

Originally built to work with the Concord Point and Pooles Island lighthouses, this magnificent structure began its operation in 1833. What has really set this lighthouse apart from the rest historically is the number of female tenders who stayed here and manned the house. As a result of the feminine touches, a beautiful vegetable garden can be found on the property. You can visit the site on the weekends, through late April to early November.

4. Thomas Point Lighthouse

Thomas Point Lighthouse

Image via Flickr by cyanocorax

The best view you’ll find of this unusual lighthouse is from the water, but if taking a tour in a boat isn’t what fancies you, it’s still visible from the mainland of Thomas Point Park. Lucky for this house, it has been maintained and preserved through a public-private partnership that’s striving to see it back in operation for future generations. Brush up on your lighthouse history,¬†and see how you can contribute to keeping this lighthouse alive.

It doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you start on your way. Whether you want to tour these giant landmarks by boat or stop for a few pictures from the road, you’ll find an abundance of lighthouse in Baltimore, Md., to create a luminescent adventure worthy of remembering.