Image via Flickr by Mroach

Image via Flickr by Mroach

GPS technology might have been developed to help us reach our destinations efficiently, but almost two-thirds of American drivers say their satellite navigation system has led them astray. An April 2013 study for Michelin Travel and Lifestyle found GPS systems have taken drivers off course an average of 4.4 times. But few of those mishaps are as epic as these GPS fails.

1. American Motorist Drives Down New York Stairs

A tourist from Rhode Island trusted his GPS more than his own eyes when searching for his New Jersey hotel in April 2013. Unfortunately there was no road as the GPS predicted, so the motorist ended up stuck in the steps leading down to New York’s Riverside Park. The front-wheel drive car couldn’t reverse as its front wheels were in the air, so it’s anyone’s guess how the driver got out of this jam. Click here to see the hilarious photographic evidence!

2. Japanese Tourists Try to Drive to Aussie Island

An Australian dream vacation went off the rails for a trio of Japanese tourists when they put blind faith into their GPS. In March 2012, Yuzu Noda, Tomonari Saeki, and Keita Osada decided to leave the Australian mainland and visit North Stradbroke Island. Their GPS told them

to cross Moreton Bay, so they drove off in their rented Hyundai Getz. After about 50 yards the visitors decided that crossing the bay wasn’t an option, but the incoming tide meant they couldn’t drive back either. The trio were slugged $1500 in damages by the rental car company.

3. Belgian Woman Accidentally Drives to Croatia

Belgium’s Sabine Moreau inspired a full-scale manhunt after her GPS sent her off-course in January 2013. She should have made a simple trip from her hometown to the home of a friend in Brussels. However, her GPS took her 900 miles off course, all the way to the Croatian city of Zagreb.

“I saw all kinds of traffic pass. First in French, then in Germany – Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt … but I asked myself no questions,” she said.

Her son started asking questions when she didn’t return home though. By the time Moreau realized her mistake and made contact with loved ones, local police were searching for the missing mom.

4. Australian Drives Wrong Way Down Highway

An Australian tourist insisted his GPS made him do it when police pulled him over for driving the wrong way down one of the country’s busiest highways in December 2012. The man from New South Wales said he was unfamiliar with Victoria’s Hume Highway, so simply trusted his GPS to send him in the right direction. He was unconcerned about the oncoming traffic because he assumed the road was a dual carriageway.

5. Apple Maps Sends Drivers onto Airport Tarmac

A glitch in new iPhones and iPads directed drivers to the tarmac of Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport. Most motorists were smart enough to heed the countless warning lights and signs, but two drivers actually made it onto the runway in September 2013.

Airport staff promptly barricaded the tarmac’s entrance to ensure more clueless car drivers didn’t follow suit. Apple also apologized for any “frustration” the error caused.

So next time your GPS sends you off course, remember this article and know that it could be a whole lot worse!