Have you ever heard of the legendary rumor about the family station wagon that reached the millionth mile mark and continued driving? Well, the rumors are true because there are some cars out there that reach unbelievably high miles and continue down the road like the day they drove off the lot. With mega-mileage in mind, here are five of some of the longest lasting cars on the road.

1. A Honda for the Long Haul


Image via Flickr by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Most Japanese car manufacturers design their engines and other mechanical components to reach the 250,000-mile mark and more without issue, but Joe LoCicero’s 1990 Honda Accord went above and beyond anybody’s expectations.

Joe’s Accord was over 20 years old when the odometer rolled over to the 740,000th mile. All those miles must mean the Accord spent plenty of time in the shop, right? Wrong. Thanks to regular maintenance, the Accord had its engine rebuilt at the 500,000-mile mark and that’s about it.

2. The Chevy of the Century

Chevrolet pickup trucks are built to last, so it’s no surprise when these heavy-duty work machines reach sky-high miles and keep going. Well, everyone was surprised when Frank Oresnik’s 1991 Chevy Silverado surpassed even the manufacturer’s expectations.

In 2008, after being on the road for the better part of 17 years, Frank’s Silverado hit its 998,800th mile. Used as a delivery vehicle for most of its life, the Silverado went through three gas tanks, four radiators, five transmissions, and countless water pumps, yet it continues to drive like new.

3. A High-Mileage Lincoln

Considering the Lincoln Town Car is widely used in the limousine industry as well as law enforcement, it comes from a long line of high-mileage record holders. So when Chet Belisle’s 1983 Town Car breached the million-mile mark, it wasn’t a shock.

In fact, Chet’s Town Car is now on its 1,300,000th mile and counting. How does a car make it this far? Well, the owner claims it’s due to careful driving habits and only using certified new and used replacement parts straight from the factory.

4. The Miracle Mercedes-Benz

The German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is known for luxury driving at its finest, but it’s also known for one of the highest mileage cars on the planet. Greece native Gregorios Sachinidis’s 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D broke all records by surpassing not just the 1,000,000-mile mark, but the 2,000,000-mile mark as well.

Gregorios’s 240D made it to the 2,850,000th mile when it took its last drive to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany in 2005. The “Little Benz That Could” is now on display for car enthusiasts to marvel over.

5. An Unstoppable Volvo

Last, but certainly not least in the high mileage race is Irv Gordon’s 1966 Volvo P1800. Irv’s Volvo hasn’t slowed a bit even though it has an astonishing 2,950,000 miles under its wheels. The owner claims regular oil changes, transmission, and radiator fluid flushes, and a good bath have kept the car on the road all this time, not to mention a few fuel pump and clutch replacements.

In the pursuit for the highest mileage possible, the incredible cars above are some great millionth-mile inspiration.