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Buying a car at an auto auction can be fun, and even a great bargain, but there are some tricks you need to be aware of. Most people aren’t aware of what to look for and how to approach an automobile auction. Here are some tips to make sure you come out ahead.

1. Find Out What Kind of Auction It Is

5 Tips for Buying a Car at an Auto Auction

Image via Flickr by Simon Davison

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Have you ever heard of the legendary rumor about the family station wagon that reached the millionth mile mark and continued driving? Well, the rumors are true because there are some cars out there that reach unbelievably high miles and continue down the road like the day they drove off the lot. With mega-mileage in mind, here are five of some of the longest lasting cars on the road.

1. A Honda for the Long Haul


Image via Flickr by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Most Japanese car manufacturers design their engines and other mechanical components to reach the 250,000-mile mark and more without issue, but Joe LoCicero’s 1990 Honda Accord went above and beyond anybody’s expectations.

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car-theft-lockKeeping your car safe means that you need to do what you can to prevent your car from getting stolen. There are a lot of ways to do this, from having a good security system to parking your car in the garage at night. Let’s take a look at some tips from the pros.

Don’t Leave Valuables

One of the biggest reasons that cars get stolen, or even broken into, is because there is something valuable inside. Make sure that you remove anything that could be of value, before you leave the car.

In fact, it’s a good idea to move these things out of sight before you get where you are going. If someone sees you place your shopping bags in the trunk when you get to the next store, they’re going to know where to look. Some of the items that are popular for thieves include MP3 players, packages, money, and GPS units. continue reading…

shutterstock_111677810When the trash in your car starts to pile up, it can get frustrating. As you take a look at your car, you may notice that it’s looking dull and not up to par. These things are easy to take care of. Consider these tips to keep your car clean both inside and out.

1. Schedule a Monthly Car Wash

Whether you prefer to wash your car yourself or you want to have someone else do it, one of the best ways to ensure that your car is clean on the outside is to get it washed once a month. This will help it looking bright and new.

Many car washes offer discounts if you buy multiple washes at the same time. Get your car squeaky clean and save money at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds. You can even put reminders on your calendar or in your phone so you don’t forget.

2. Add a Trash Bag

When you’re driving around, it’s hard to make sure that trash gets taken care of properly. However, if you add a trash bag to the car, you can make sure that the fast food wrappers don’t pile up. Make sure they get into the trash bag, and once it’s full take it out. Just remember to replace it once you’ve taken it out. Depending on the size of your car, you may want to consider getting a small trash can that can be used to keep all your trash as you’re driving. continue reading…

Image via Flickr by Mroach

Image via Flickr by Mroach

GPS technology might have been developed to help us reach our destinations efficiently, but almost two-thirds of American drivers say their satellite navigation system has led them astray. An April 2013 study for Michelin Travel and Lifestyle found GPS systems have taken drivers off course an average of 4.4 times. But few of those mishaps are as epic as these GPS fails.

1. American Motorist Drives Down New York Stairs

A tourist from Rhode Island trusted his GPS more than his own eyes when searching for his New Jersey hotel in April 2013. Unfortunately there was no road as the GPS predicted, so the motorist ended up stuck in the steps leading down to New York’s Riverside Park. The front-wheel drive car couldn’t reverse as its front wheels were in the air, so it’s anyone’s guess how the driver got out of this jam. Click here to see the hilarious photographic evidence!

2. Japanese Tourists Try to Drive to Aussie Island

An Australian dream vacation went off the rails for a trio of Japanese tourists when they put blind faith into their GPS. In March 2012, Yuzu Noda, Tomonari Saeki, and Keita Osada decided to leave the Australian mainland and visit North Stradbroke Island. Their GPS told them

to cross Moreton Bay, so they drove off in their rented Hyundai Getz. After about 50 yards the visitors decided that crossing the bay wasn’t an option, but the incoming tide meant they couldn’t drive back either. The trio were slugged $1500 in damages by the rental car company.

3. Belgian Woman Accidentally Drives to Croatia

Belgium’s Sabine Moreau inspired a full-scale manhunt after her GPS sent her off-course in January 2013. She should have made a simple trip from her hometown to the home of a friend in Brussels. However, her GPS took her 900 miles off course, all the way to the Croatian city of Zagreb.

“I saw all kinds of traffic pass. First in French, then in Germany – Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt … but I asked myself no questions,” she said.

Her son started asking questions when she didn’t return home though. By the time Moreau realized her mistake and made contact with loved ones, local police were searching for the missing mom. continue reading…

Is your old car showing its age? If you don’t have the ports you need and are dealing with headlights that barely light the road, there are a number of things you can do to bring your car up to date. From cosmetic changes to safety enhancements, check out these upgrades.

1. Replace Old Headlights

One of the easiest ways you can make an old car look newer is to simply replace the headlights. Take a look at your owner’s manual, because some headlights are easy to replace yourself. However, others are not easy to replace, and will require that you take the car to the body shop. It can cost you a few hundred dollars to get your headlights replaced, but it will help you drive more safely on the roads, and improve the look of the car overall.

Car for AAbalt


2. Fix Scratches

Makes sure that you fix any scratches on the car. This will help keep the car looking new. It will also help prevent rust. There are a number of ways o fix scratches, from a paint pen to having a professional take a look at the car. No matter how big or small the scratch, make sure you get it painted over as soon as possible, to help prevent further damage to the paint job and the car itself.

3. Add a Charging Hub

It’s likely that you have a device or multiple devices that need to charge while you’re driving. However, many older cars simply don’t have the technology to do this. You can add a charging station to your car fairly easily. You will need to have a little bit of tech know-how to add this to the car, but with a USB hub and some cables you can create a charging station through your air vents or ashtray. continue reading…

Many of us have run into a flat tire at one time or another. A flat tire doesn’t always come on suddenly from a blowout, a flat tire can be the result of a tire leak. If you can find a tire leak first, it can prevent you from being stuck on the side of the road changing a flat tire. You can follow these steps below to help find any leaks and save yourself the bigger problem of a flat tire down the line:

Step 1: Regularly Check the Air Pressure

It’s always a good idea to keep a tire inflation gauge in your car so you can have it handy to check all 4 of your tires. If you encounter one tire having less pressure on a consistent basis, it is more than likely that you have a leak. It’s important to note, that tires can, and will lose some pressure as the outside temperature drops in the fall and winter months.

Step 2: Fully Inspect Your Tires

Make a habit of remembering to fully examine your tires, including, checking the tire’s tread, the sidewalls, and the bead on the tire (the bead is the area of the tire that sits on the wheel). If you cannot see it with a naked eye, you can always use a magnifying glass to look it over for and cracks, cuts or objects that could possibly be embedded in the tire’s tread. If you come across any trouble spots, take an oil-based pencil that writes on rubber, formally known as a china marker, and mark any areas that could be causing a leak.

Flat-tire-18091951-ogStep 3: Re-Inflate Your Tire

If one or more of your tires is not set at the recommended pressure (which can be found in your owner’s handbook), you will need to re-inflate them to the correct measure. If you do not have an air compressor of your own, these can be found at any gas station. As you fill up your tire(s) be sure to listen for any high-pitched hissing noises, as that can be a signal of air leaving the tire. This can be one of the best ways for you to find a leak.

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Increase Gas mileage - Auto Auction of BaltimoreWe have all heard people ask the question, “How much gas mileage does your car get?” This seems to be a more prevalent concern in today’s economy. Luckily, even if we end up with a car that doesn’t give us as good as gas mileage as we had hoped, there are ways that we can increase it ourselves. Some of the tips below will explain both driving habits we can change, as well as the service habits in order to obtain more gas mileage.

Driving Habits that Increase Gas Mileage

1. Consolidate your car rides. As opposed to taking several ventures a day whether it be to the grocery store, to a friends house or to the bank, plan your day to be able to combine more errands. This will prevent your car from both driving further distances, as well as having gas wasted by a number of engine start-ups. continue reading…

How to Remove Minor Car ScratchesMany of us consider our vehicles to be a prized possession, so when you find a scratch on your car it can be infuriating! Even if it may have been your fault from some careless backing. Odds are a scratch is a unsightly blemish that you want removed as soon as possible. There is good news, you can remove the scratch, if it isn’t too deep, with just a little elbow grease and a few supplies. We will walk you through the step of fixing minor scratches on your car.

There are many scratch removal systems available online or in stores, while we don’t have a preference we recommend reading reviews before purchasing a kit. Remember, if the scratch goes through to the primer, you will need to take some additional steps and find the exact match paint for your vehicle. Luckily, you can easily find the exact color you may need online.

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Most people understand the importance of keeping children safe in vehicles, but not everyone understands how to properly do so. Automobile accidents are the number one killer of children between the ages of 1 and 12, and of those who have died while restrained in a vehicle, misuse of restraints is cited in 85-90% of the cases.

Some of the best practices for keeping children safe in cars include: (1) restraining children in a moving vehicle, (2) using a car seat based on a child’s age and size, and (3) seating children in a back seat until the age of 13. But following these best practices isn’t enough. We found an excellent infographic that will let you know which car seat is right for your child, which vehicles are best for car seats, and why child safety in vehicles is important.

Whether or not you’re a parent, it’s important to know how to keep young passengers safe whenever you’re riding with them. Click on the image below to see the full-sized infographic.