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How to Wash Your CarSure, we power wash your car before we buy it, but it won’t be long before you’ve covered enough miles to warrant another wash. This may seem like a pretty basic topic, but not everyone knows the right way to wash their car. It doesn’t take an As Shown on TV gizmos or your very own pressure washer; you can get your car professionally clean and not spend much while doing it. We are going to walk you through the steps of washing your car.

First, make sure you have the following supplies:

  • Car wash soap – We emphasize using actual car wash soap, dish soap is hard on rubber components and can strip your car’s wax coat
  • A wash mitt – We recommend sheepskin or a microfiber cloth, these are ideal materials to avoid scratches
  • 2 individual buckets – one for the soapy mix and one rinse bucket
  • A detail brush or old toothbrush for stubborn spots
  • A hose with a spray nozzle long enough to reach around the entire vehicle
  • A drying cloth – An absorbent waffle-weave drying towel or an extra microfiber towel

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Buying a Vehicle at AuctionBuying from a public auto auction can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. That’s why we offer to answer any questions you may have on the process. Most auto auctions sell vehicles as is, which means that there is no guarantee the car will last you. We offer a 24-hour guarantee on the engine and transmission. You can take the car to a mechanic after purchase and if you find an issue with the engine or transmission, you can return the car for a full refund within 24 hours.

1.) Remember These are Wholesale Vehicles

When you go to an auction, remember that minor damage and mechanical quirks will not have been fixed. Generally, the vehicle is sold as is, without any warranty. This requires you to be more vigilant. Take note of all the issues you may have to have repaired, and factor that into the cost of the vehicle.
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How to Change a Flat TireImagine you’re driving home from work late one evening. You are warm and cozy in your car, expertly maneuvering through icy conditions, when all the sudden, you hear the unmistakable pop from your tire. You maneuver safely to the side of the road, but without even stepping into the frigid night, you know what awaits. A flat tire.

Now you could wait in your quickly cooling car and call for help. Or if you have someplace to be or don’t feel like waiting, you could change the tire yourself. It’s okay if you’ve never changed a tire before, because we have created a step-by-step guide to help you change that tire.

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5 Simple Tips to Increase Fuel EfficiencyIt seems like the New Year brought us higher gas prices. While we all would love to be driving a 40 plus miles per gallon hybrid, that just isn’t in the cards for many of us. Instead, we are going to hit on several major saboteurs of fuel efficiency. Your old car may be capable of getting many more miles per fill up if you address these issues.

Check Your Tire Pressure

One of the easiest, and most common, problems to fix is air pressure. Check your tires regularly to ensure you are staying on the mark. If you over-inflate your tires, your ride will by jarring and harder to control. When your tires are under-inflated more of the tread touches the road, meaning they wear differently than they were intended, and it takes more work to move them.
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How to Identify a Tire LeakA slow tire leak can be more than just an inconvenience; it can damage the integrity of your tire and result in a blowout. If you suspect that you have a tire leak, finding it quickly will stop your gradual reduction of tire pressure and very likely prevent you from being stranded with a flat tire. If you find one of your tires slowly leaking air, you can follow these steps to find the leak and save yourself from a bigger problem down the line:

Step 1:  Check the Air Pressure

Many times you’ll have a slow leak without realizing it. You should regularly check the air pressure of all four tires monthly. Don’t be surprised when your tires lose pressure as the outside temperature drops in the fall and winter. If you notice one tire seems to have less pressure on a regular basis, it’s likely that you have a leak.

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Preparing for Winter DrivingWhether you’ve got a new car or an old one, you need to take some time to perform routine maintenance on your ride when winter comes around, especially in Maryland where we can experience some fierce winters. We’re sharing these 10 winter weather tips with you to help keep your car in tip-top condition throughout the winter season.

It’s important to think about your car as the weather changes and give these tips a quick once-over. Many people never think to check most of these items, even though we know what kind of weather January will bring. These are important tips – the last thing you need is to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter.

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10 Tips for Safe DrivingEvery year brings more advances in technology and safer cars. Modern cars are much safer than ever before, but even with safety improvements, it’s still important to be a safe driver. There are still millions of car accidents every year, and car accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 3 and 34.

Whether you’ve just gotten your license of you’ve been driving for years, we’ve put together this list of 10 driving tips that will improve your driving.

1)     Don’t Drink and Drive

This is common sense, but more than 30% of all fatalities from car accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. If you’ve had something to drink, just have a friend drive you home. It’s just not worth the risk.
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4 Facts about Spare TiresIn the past, drivers simply switched out a flat tire for a full-sized spare and had ample time to repair the damaged one. As car sizes became smaller, there was less and less room in the trunk for a full-sized spare in the trunk. This is when the compact or temporary spare made its appearance.

Compact Spare Tires, (also known as Donuts)

A compact spare tire fits into the base of your trunk, usually under a cover, so as not to take up any room in the trunk. It is already mounted and inflated on a small-diameter wheel, ready for use. Contrary to what many people believe, it’s not meant to be a permanent replacement for your full-size wheel and tire. (Shocking, isn’t it?) The compact spare is only intended to assist you in an emergency so you can reach the nearest service station to have a new full-sized tire and wheel installed. continue reading…

6 Costly Car Buying MistakesWhen you’re in the market to buy a car you’re faced with many options. You can buy new, used or lease a car. Many dealers are happy to put you into a car that isn’t the right choice for your situation, whether financially or lifestyle wise. One of the worst things you can do is to give into impulse when purchasing a car. It’s easy to do when you’re buying your first car, but even experienced buyers fall pray to the impulse buy. To get the most for your money and end up with a car truly fits your needs, you need to make the time to research your purchase and evaluate your situation.

When you factor in the high-pressure salesmen at most car dealerships, it can be completely overwhelming to pick out a car, negotiate the price, get approved for financing, and complete the sale. One small mistake can cost you hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your vehicle.

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Welcome to our new blog!Welcome to our brand new blog! Auto Auction of Baltimore is making a sincere effort to get more involved in social media to help us be more easily accessible to our customers. This blog will be the main foundation of our customer outreach efforts. We will be posting some fun stuff on Facebook and Twitter, but the really informative stuff will be here on the blog…

The car business depends on people – so that’s why we’re embracing social media. We’re hoping to keep our past customers engaged, entertained, and educated, and we’re hoping to help potential customers make the decision to buy from us. We know that public auto auctions carry a negative connotation; we are here to change that. Our business is built on honesty and embracing the fun of an auction atmosphere. There are a ton of car dealers in Baltimore and quite a few auto auctions, so we’re doing everything we can to earn your business (and your future business). We love to keep in touch with past customers, so make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you can join in the fun.

You’ll want to bookmark our blog, or add it to your reader – we’ll be posting all sorts of interesting stuff to help you get the most out of your trusty automobile. We’ll be sharing tons of do-it-yourself car maintenance tips so you can identify issues before they become problems and keep your car in great condition for years to come.

We’re offer a truly unique car buying experience – because we not only answer your questions, we encourage them. Some people are nervous purchasing from an auto auction and we will do all we can to put your mind at ease and help you pick the car that is right for you.  All our cars have a 24 hour warranty on the engine, if you take it to a mechanic and it has a problem, we will take it back. You won’t find that at many public auto auctions.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you! Leave us comments on our Facebook page, send us a tweet, or comment on our blog posts.  Actually, let’s get things rolling right now – leave us a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see in our blog. We’re putting this up for our customers, so really, it’s your blog – let us know what you want to know about!