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Have you purchased a new car only to discover you’ve had nothing but breakdowns, hassles, and unexpected expenses since you drove the vehicle off the lot? If so, you may be wondering if the lemon law can help you remedy the situation. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have lemon laws on the […]

Buying a used midsize sedan is a good way to save money on a family vehicle. To really get a good deal, though, you need to choose a used model that will last several more years and comes with good features. These four midsize sedans are some of the best options for when you want […]

  Preventative vehicle maintenance is necessary to keep your car working in tip top shape, but there’s a fine line between safeguarding your investment and over-maintaining your vehicle to the point where you’re losing hundreds of dollars each year. When the mechanic starts to offer you additional services that go beyond the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance […]

Even if you drive a car that boasts decent mpg, you probably still grimace when you pull up to the gas pump and see the price per gallon is approximately a pound of flesh and part of your soul. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to get the most out of every […]

Wondering what there is to do in this bayside city? Bring out the family or get together with a group of friends when checking out these places and events in the beautiful city of Baltimore. 1. Visit The Horse You Came in On Image via Flickr by Vox Efx

After researching all the options, you’ve finally narrowed down your choices to find the perfect vehicle for your driving needs. But there’s still one more hurdle to overcome — what color should it be? For some, color is an inconsequential part of their car-shopping experience. For others, it’s an important factor to consider. When you’re […]

No matter how much research you do, car dealers will nearly always have more experience buying and selling vehicles than you. Sellers have many strategies for tricking you into a less-than-ideal deal. These tips will help you keep an upper hand and stay in control of the car-buying process. Get Your Own Loan If you […]

Buying a car at an auto auction can be fun, and even a great bargain, but there are some tricks you need to be aware of. Most people aren’t aware of what to look for and how to approach an automobile auction. Here are some tips to make sure you come out ahead. 1. Find […]

Have you ever heard of the legendary rumor about the family station wagon that reached the millionth mile mark and continued driving? Well, the rumors are true because there are some cars out there that reach unbelievably high miles and continue down the road like the day they drove off the lot. With mega-mileage in […]

Keeping your car safe means that you need to do what you can to prevent your car from getting stolen. There are a lot of ways to do this, from having a good security system to parking your car in the garage at night. Let’s take a look at some tips from the pros. Don’t […]