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  Preventative vehicle maintenance is necessary to keep your car working in tip top shape, but there’s a fine line between safeguarding your investment and over-maintaining your vehicle to the point where you’re losing hundreds of dollars each year. When the mechanic starts to offer you additional services that go beyond the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance […]

Cars use a number of different types of fluid. Unfortunately, any of these can leak. In fact, leaks are a frustrating issue to deal with for many car owners. Not only do you have to figure out exactly what is leaking, you also need to understand where it’s leaking from. Once you know these things, […]

When the trash in your car starts to pile up, it can get frustrating. As you take a look at your car, you may notice that it’s looking dull and not up to par. These things are easy to take care of. Consider these tips to keep your car clean both inside and out. 1. […]

Many of us have run into a flat tire at one time or another. A flat tire doesn’t always come on suddenly from a blowout, a flat tire can be the result of a tire leak. If you can find a tire leak first, it can prevent you from being stuck on the side of […]

We have all heard people ask the question, “How much gas mileage does your car get?” This seems to be a more prevalent concern in today’s economy. Luckily, even if we end up with a car that doesn’t give us as good as gas mileage as we had hoped, there are ways that we can […]

Many of us consider our vehicles to be a prized possession, so when you find a scratch on your car it can be infuriating! Even if it may have been your fault from some careless backing. Odds are a scratch is a unsightly blemish that you want removed as soon as possible. There is good […]

It’s  a long, hot summer… but now is the perfect time to get your car or truck ready for the upcoming driving season. Most seasonal car maintenance requires the help of a professional mechanic, but we’re going to give you five do-it-yourself tips to help get your vehicle ready for the fall (and save you […]

Believe it or not, changing your oil is an amazingly easy task. When you take your car someplace to have the oil changed, you’re mostly paying for the convenience of someone else doing it. If you have the basic supplies at home, the cost of an oil change is minimal. In fact, it is just […]

When you have an aging vehicle, eventually your brakes will need some attention. Fully functioning brakes are essential for safe driving. Your vehicle should stop when you hit the brake pedal. If you’re having brake problems, it’s vital that you resolve them immediately – it’s obviously extremely dangerous to drive with faulty brakes. While drivers […]

Whenever you’re in the market to purchase a car, you should always check your oil. Motor oil should be a clear amber color. If you find that a car has very dark oil, it may not have been taken care of the way you would like or it may have an issue (probably from misuse). […]