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When the trash in your car starts to pile up, it can get frustrating. As you take a look at your car, you may notice that it’s looking dull and not up to par. These things are easy to take care of. Consider these tips to keep your car clean both inside and out. 1. […]

GPS technology might have been developed to help us reach our destinations efficiently, but almost two-thirds of American drivers say their satellite navigation system has led them astray. An April 2013 study for Michelin Travel and Lifestyle found GPS systems have taken drivers off course an average of 4.4 times. But few of those mishaps […]

Even if you’re an amazingly safe driver odds are you will still be involved in an accident during your lifetime. In a 5 year period, 25% of American drivers will be in a car accident. Surely, this isn’t all due to bad driving. We have previously mentioned that driving defensively is one of the best […]

We all know how much fun it is to drive but driving can be extremely dangerous too.  Operating any vehicle is a privilege and should be done so responsibly. Whether it be cruising around Baltimore or hitting the highways of the Maryland, caution should always be taken when driving any car. Did you have any […]

You know the fear. The feeling that your car must be parked somewhere else. You scan the entire lot, only to see that your car has been stolen.  It can leave you helpless and afraid, not to mention having to hassle with police and insurance after the fact.  Did you know every 33 seconds a […]

When you’re in the market for a new-to-you-vehicle, safety comes to mind. You’ll often find safety being one of the biggest selling points on newer vehicles, but there are also dangerous vehicles you’ll want to avoid during your search. Some vehicles were poorly designed with explosive consequences, while others simply fell apart after a time. […]

It seems like the New Year brought us higher gas prices. While we all would love to be driving a 40 plus miles per gallon hybrid, that just isn’t in the cards for many of us. Instead, we are going to hit on several major saboteurs of fuel efficiency. Your old car may be capable […]

Every year brings more advances in technology and safer cars. Modern cars are much safer than ever before, but even with safety improvements, it’s still important to be a safe driver. There are still millions of car accidents every year, and car accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of […]

In the past, drivers simply switched out a flat tire for a full-sized spare and had ample time to repair the damaged one. As car sizes became smaller, there was less and less room in the trunk for a full-sized spare in the trunk. This is when the compact or temporary spare made its appearance. […]