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Over time, marketing techniques need to evolve to embrace new modes of technology and ways of living. The nature of the modern cell phone has changed the landscape of marketing as much as it’s changed the landscape of daily living. Now, you can find a way to harness the power of the cell phone in your marketing campaigns. Find out how text marketing could make an impact on your dealership.

Text Marketing Defined

Text marketing campaigns rely on text messages. These campaigns are a type of inbound marketing technique. You wait for customers to text a number that you set up using a special code — remember, sending out unsolicited text blasts is unlikely to win you any goodwill.

Once a customer signs up for what is the text equivalent of a mailing list, you can send messages that highlight sales and other incentives. Several software solutions can manage the process for you, so you don’t need to worry about your level or lack of tech comfort to interfere with your ability to use this technique.

How Can You Use Text Marketing?

Text marketing is a way to distribute information to casually interested customers and bring them into the dealership. Text messages have a more personal feel to them than mailers or emailers, without the resource-intensive costs and intrusive nature of a telephone campaign.

Texts to existing customers can also keep them up-to-date on the latest happenings on your lot, while numbers gathered through ads on social media and in response to other ads expand your potential customer base. Together, these efforts make text marketing an excellent supplemental effort to other advertising strategies.

Examples of Text Marketing Campaigns

One type of text message campaign you can use is the sales information campaign. This type involves a text blast you send to advertise a seasonal sale event, such as a lot clearance to make room for new models.

Offering a discount code through the text can give customers the feel they are getting a bargain, making it more likely they will consider making the vehicle upgrade they’ve been considering. This technique works especially well with other ads, allowing you to find a larger pool of prospects. Even if you don’t make the sale on that day, future texts may yield better results.

Have you thought about offering a series of maintenance coupons? Many dealerships earn a substantial income by servicing the vehicles they sell, but the danger is that customers may buy a vehicle and drive it to another garage for service work instead. By sending your existing customers text coupons for a reduced oil change or other maintenance service, you can bring them to the shop and get that extra sale. You can time the texts so that you are always catching the customer when the time for scheduled maintenance arrives.

No marketing technique can take the place of a business operating with sound fundamentals, but these techniques can help enhance those fundamentals and make them visible to the public. Use the text marketing campaign wisely as a way to drive traffic and sales to your dealership.