After researching all the options, you’ve finally narrowed down your choices to find the perfect vehicle for your driving needs. But there’s still one more hurdle to overcome — what color should it be?

For some, color is an inconsequential part of their car-shopping experience. For others, it’s an important factor to consider. When you’re having trouble figuring out your next car color, decide which one of these motivations is most important in your search.

Pick a Color Based on Your Personality

pick a color

Image via Flickr by Frank de Kliene

Color psychology definitely impacts people’s decisions when choosing their car. White shows that you’re young and modern. It also shows you have taste and elegance. Black depicts ultimate luxury. Silver is the color of style, security, and innovation. It says that you have a higher status in the world and you’re proud of it. However, gray is subtle and it says that you’re dignified, traditional, and mature.

Red is often chosen by go-getters, but it tends to have some gender-specific connotations for most people. For men, it’s a way of showing strength and power. For women, it’s sexy and alluring. Practical and happy people often choose blue cars. Blue says you’re stable, truthful, and serene. Brown cars are for quiet and peaceful drivers.

Yellow cars are most chosen by a younger demograpic. The color shows that the driver is excited and happy. Green cars are tied to the nature-centric driver, but buying trends show it’s currently an unpopular color choice. If you choose orange as your car color, it shows you’re comfortable saving money and value it.

Choose a Trendy Color

Silver, red, and blue are the most popular color choices for cars, but each type of vehicle has its own popular colors. Sports utility vehicles are usually white, gray, or silver. Mid- and full-size cars are usually silver, gray, and red. The most unpopular colors for cars include green, brown, gold, indigo, orange, pink, and yellow.

Find a Practical Color

You may think that color is nothing more than just a personal preference. However, when it comes to cars, some colors are more practical than others. You have to wash white cars more often to look bright. Dark colors like black and blue will make your car hotter if you live in a warm climate, such as Arizona.

Police are more likely to pull over red cars. Red is also linked to a higher accident percentage. Insurance companies even charge higher or lower premiums based on the color of your car. For example, if you have a silver car, it’s easier to see at night; therefore,  it’s considered safer.

Your car color can say a lot about you and your lifestyle. You can use these methods to figure out which car color is best for you, but it’s important that you love the color of your car. After all, it’s what you’ll be driving around for years.