How to Remove Minor Car ScratchesMany of us consider our vehicles to be a prized possession, so when you find a scratch on your car it can be infuriating! Even if it may have been your fault from some careless backing. Odds are a scratch is a unsightly blemish that you want removed as soon as possible. There is good news, you can remove the scratch, if it isn’t too deep, with just a little elbow grease and a few supplies. We will walk you through the step of fixing minor scratches on your car.

There are many scratch removal systems available online or in stores, while we don’t have a preference we recommend reading reviews before purchasing a kit. Remember, if the scratch goes through to the primer, you will need to take some additional steps and find the exact match paint for your vehicle. Luckily, you can easily find the exact color you may need online.

Clean the Area

Before starting any work, be sure to clean the scratch and surrounding area thoroughly. This will prevent you from causing more damage by grinding dirt into the paint and scratching it further. After washing, allow the area to dry completely before continuing.

Sand the Scratched Area

When working on a scratch, you’ll want to work only in small sections. It’s best to work in spaces less that 6 inches long. Begin by wet sanding the area with 2000 grit sand paper. Continue to wet the sandpaper as you work, and feel the area occasionally to judge your progress. You want the area to be very smooth.

Apply Rubbing Compound

After the sanding area has dried, apply a small amount of rubbing compound and briskly rub the area with a clean dry microfiber cloth. Continue to rub until the compound disappears, and the area is no longer dull looking.

Wash the Area

Feel along the area for ridges of excess compound. If found, lightly wash the area with water to remove.

Wax the Area

Finally, use a high quality wax to seal the area.

Now your car should be back to its original beauty.