Auto Auction of Baltimore Diners

Image via Flickr by Navin75

You may be looking for a stellar, inexpensive brunch, or searching for late-night food after a night out in Baltimore. Whatever your food fancies, diners are a go-to experience for many an American. Baltimore is full of them, but some stand out above the rest for clever takes on the classical and retro interiors. These five diners are some of the best Baltimore has to offer.

Broadway Diner

Good parking options and an extensive menu (including some Greek food) keep the locals coming back to Broadway Diner. The breakfasts are especially noteworthy for their size and for the sheer number of options. This mom and pop joint is also known for its outstanding dessert options, which are all made right there at the diner. Find it at 6501 Eastern Ave., open 24 hours.

Sip and Bite Restaurant

Crab cakes and spanakopita are at the top of the favorites list at Sip and Bite Restaurant. This restaurant, which specializes in Greek cuisine, is open 24 hours a day, except Tuesday. Greek may be the main idea of the menu, but they serve typical diner food, too, including breakfast at all hours and some seriously crisp hash browns. Check out Sip and Bite at 2200 Boston St.

Blue Moon Cafe

Who wouldn’t want to visit a diner that specializes in Cap’n Crunch French toast and red velvet pancakes? Blue Moon Cafe is open 24 hours a day, only on weekends, and it tends to get a bit crowded (which is no surprise, considering their unique menu). However, fans of this diner say it’s worth the wait. They’re known for comfort food and an eclectic interior. Make a trip to¬†1621 Aliceanna St. for some Frito Pie French toast.

The New Wyman Park Restaurant

This one is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch only affair, since they open at six in the morning and close at three on weekdays and four on Saturdays. They aren’t even open on Sundays. Short hours aside, if you’re looking for classical diner food, this is where to find it. The pancakes are reputed to be huge, and the club sandwiches have a great reputation among reviewers. The ambience is similarly classical. Their address is 138 W. 25th St.

Boulevard Diner

From Friday to Sunday, this place is open 24 hours, and it serves a hodgepodge of great food. Classical diner fare mingles with more than a few seafood options and some cuisine from the Mediterranean, too. Their sour beef and dumplings dish might have a strange name, but they’re known for it, so it’s certainly worth a try. The diner is 60s-themed, even though it opened in 2001. They’re located at 1660 Merritt Boulevard in Dundalk.

Get your favorite diner classics, or branch out and try each restaurant’s specialty. Whether you’re interested in breakfast all day and night or a sandwich that can’t be beat, these are the locations to seek when you’re looking for great Baltimore diner food.